About Kristin

I am a self-taught artist, plant-person, thrifter, minimalist-wannabe, and ENFP (who appreciates intimate gatherings). I like an americano with a splash of maple syrup and almond milk, a good street taco and korean bbq, but most nights I’m home sharing a simple homemade dinner with my family. I gravitate towards bright, vibrant pigments, and everything feminine and joyful. I believe home is a priceless place and there are no rules to your heart’s idea of aesthetic and beauty. 

Artist, wife & mom | Raising my four kids and caring for my family is my calling, my first love. Art is a very close second. Every hour not spent on my family, laundry, and exploring farms and libraries, are spent sketching and dabbing color on paper, usually with a baby in my lap or at my feet (or both, thanks to our sweet twins born Dec 2017).

#OurConnecticutLife | We’ve lived in Los Angeles, northern Virginia, just outside D.C. and I grew up in southern Virginia. Now we are making a home in the middle of Connecticut. I can’t pick a favorite home, but I know there’s a lot to love about each. I enjoy hanging out in the kitchen, throwing together easy recipes, all while sipping slowly on a glass of red. I seek peace and prayer in sketching and painting florals and nature while seeing truth in God’s design. I collect plants and pigments, and I feel most at home on the river, much like how I grew up.

Connect | If you have inspiration for a piece you’d like for me to create, please share it with me and we can make your dream a reality.

Photography. I shoot with a Nikon D3300, and a Nikon D50 as my backup. On especially sassy days my iPhone does the job. My favorite editing tools are Adobe Lightroom for DSLR pics, A Color Story app and VSCO Cam app for iPhone.