The Joy in Naming a Home | Free Workbook

My dear friend, Erica of Be A Heart Design, just moved into a super hip, mid-century style ranch home in San Antonio. She moved all the way from Los Angeles, where first we met and became good friends. Upon arriving she posted on Instagram about how she was brainstorming a name for this special new home. And she reminded me of this little thing I made, a workbook when I was naming our home, Glen Hollow Home + Gardens. Erica, and all of you who are taking a big step by making a new home (or doing this for the first time with your old, familiar home) this is for you!


When we moved into our home, it was all about the backyard. An engineer lived here and when he retired he designed a stunning English garden, complete with stone retaining walls and bridges to cross over the little creek in the back. It was a lot, but my husband has slowly tamed the gardens and mastered its manicure over the past two years of living here. Spring and summer come alive back there. Fall is gorgeous, because hello, it’s Connecticut and even winter snow falls in a Narnia-esque way—complete with a lamppost, and a little Tudor style shed we can pretend Mr. Tumnus lives in.


I spent the first winter here with preemie twins, trying to get myself settled as a mother of four. I didn’t do much with the house and focused mainly on survival and thriving as a family with twins. But the following winter, I hygge’d my heart out. I hunted for lamps, rugs and throw blankets, and made the inside of the house feel like ours. Because it is ours and it might not be forever, but it’s our home right now. 


We’ve lived in 4 homes now, not to mention college spaces that also have memories of home and love, so distinguishing this home needed to begin with a mission and a name.

So, I picked Glen Hollow Home and Gardens. Glen Hollow has to do with history of the neighborhood and then of course, home and gardens is what this place means to me, physically. 


The Joy in Naming a Home

A free workbook to help you find joy in naming your home + defining the mission of the space you call home.

I took my process and made it into a little workbook, The Joy in Naming a Home. In it, my prompts and worksheets will walk you through defining your home’s mission and naming your home with something unique and special. It’s a fun little way to get settled or reacquainted with the idea of creating a home you love.

Download the workbook, find a little more joy at home today, and please share with me what you decided to name your home in the comments! 🏡 ❤️