Sunday Scaries

It’s that time again! Anxiety over what the week brings is setting in. Don’t worry, I got you.

Here is this week’s design, my Sunday Scaries worksheet. Designed with the week in mind while keeping a realistic expectation of what’s really causing our anxiety on Sunday, this worksheet is calling you to sit down, relax, reflect and prepare for a week full of wonder.

This worksheet tackles:

Fears + Anxieties, what’s on your heart this Sunday?

What’s really bothering you on Sunday? What’s on your heart? Don’t list out the bad but focus on the big picture.

Focus on 3 positives this week

Write out 3 positives, whether they are big or small, positive thinking makes a big impact on anxiety.

How are you going to make an impact, in one word?

Pick one word for the week and roll with it. This is how you’re going to make changes this week.

Two goals you know you can crush this week, make them big or small.

End it with what really matters.

Take a final step back. Is there a piece of the bigger picture you’re missing? How does God see this week? How does this week compare to your whole life? Find the grace in this space and write out a few words of what really matters.

Kristin Foss