Fall Nesting Digital Design Guide + Instagram Challenge

Originally, I planned to launch this yesterday, which was coincidentally 9/11. It’s very easy to recognize the date, but rarely do I know the date that matches the day of the week without consulting a calendar. So when I said, I’ll launch on Wednesday! I didn’t realize Wednesday was actually 9/11. I woke up Wednesday morning, realized what I hadn’t realized, and decided that I wanted to hear, feel and remember instead of sell or push anything, even though I love this new design guide! So I hope your feed was filled with warmth and community in light of a tragedy that we all experienced in some way and I’m so sorry for being a day late here.

Long story short, more calendar consultation needed over here. But nonetheless, here is my first design guide!

After I took a big leap with The Daily Tidy, I heard from many people who loved the digital workbook but also yearned for comprehensive a design guide. I decided on developing a formula to help you create your own uncluttered, clean, functional sense of style. That is all still in works, but this seasonal design guide introduces ideas for what the fall season can feel like in your home. And no, it’s not a Martha Stewart guide to 10 Pinterest crafts to do in 10 days— although, I’m sure that sounds like a really good time and we can google that into our lives this weekend.

The Fall Nesting Design Guide is a tool to bring to life the feeling of hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) and fall into your home. A lot of people associate hygge with dark winter, twinkle lights and Christmas trees. From what I understand, this term for feeling can be used any time of the year. It’s the feeling associated with togetherness and the warmth of nostalgia. This is what defines fall for me.

I find that most people, myself included, have everything we need in our homes to nest for fall. We impulsively stock up when we see something seasonal in the store, which may not end up being a practical purchase. It helps to have a plan, an idea, and a vision.

I’ve created the Fall Nesting Challenge planning worksheets, each with a prompt to jumpstart your plans, space for you to jot down some ideas, and inspirational ideas to help along the way. If you join along on Instagram, I will share my own challenge points of nesting (cozy, pantry, wardrobe, refresh, and declutter) on the first week of October, and how I’m managing to keep it simple and functional in my home. You can download the challenge sheet for free. Just try it out and join the challenge!

You have great taste! You have an eye for recognizing good design, and you probably have a few corners of home where you feel totally at peace on something you pulled off well. But does your home make you feel joyful, hygge-like feelings? Do you want to bring fall into your home without buying the entire Target line of Hearth & Hand by Magnolia, without the overwhelming stress of purging through everything you own and starting all over?

My how-to sheets are the heart of this guide, encouraging you to take a look around at what you have or pairing down to create a vision. I go through color palettes for fall and defining textures that you might already have on hand, all to bring a cozy sense of fall into your home.

I wake up each morning, greeted by twin toddlers, and I swing myself out of bed. The feeling of nesting during pregnancy hits hard in the last 2 trimesters. And with a busy mom life and many distractions if I don’t focus my vision, I’ll end up with 1,000 half finished projects all over my house. It’s happened before and it even happens now sometimes (see: my dinging room table today). And that would be me adding directly to the chaos and confusion of home. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We don’t have to miss out on a season like fall if we’re sick or unable to do all the things we want. We can focus our efforts down to a one piece of fall a week, until we are ready and nested for the season.

I hope you love this design guide as much as I have loved creating it. As a bonus, you’ll also get this digital print, Fall in love with home, in 4 color variations. It’s my gift to your home. Get started on fall nesting today!

Kristin Foss