The Daily Tidy | A Digital Workbook for $2

It was right after the twins were born when I realized I needed a solid cleaning routine. We had family come and go for about two months and my husband was home as well. My home was full, clean, and there was a false sense of “function” as extra hands held babies, washed dishes, swept floors, and changed sheets. The work was getting done and there was plenty of peace as the babies settled into our lives and I recovered from surgery. 

Then the help had to return home and I had to maintain my home on my own. I spent a few weeks feeling like I was constantly cleaning and getting absolutely nowhere. There were little “emergency situations” everywhere—like toilets that looked like that hadn’t been cleaned in months or smelly sheets that needed to changed immediately. My floors made my feet dirty and there were mounds and mounds of laundry. 

Yet I was always on my (dirty) feet. Yet I always had a broom in my hand. Yet I was constantly cleaning.

How does a woman who constantly cleans, keep a house that’s constantly a mess? What was I doing wrong? 


Discover your own, maintainable cleaning routine

A step-by-step guide to my method of creating a personalized cleaning routine for your household

I realized that I didn’t have a solid daily or weekly, cleaning routine. I was constantly spinning my wheels. My routine was lacking a maintenance schedule. Then overnight, it all changed. 

I created an ideal cleaning schedule for my home­—you can see my example at the end of this workbook. Having something organized and on paper made all the difference to me. Some weeks I keep to it, and some weeks I fall off the horse, down the hill and into the stream. But, the schedule is made and I only need to look at it and follow it again. No panicking or cleaning all day to feel unaccomplished and unproductive. 

This is my gift to you and on sale today for and introductory rate of $2! Follow the steps to create your own routine. Keep it and work on it, print it out again and again and again for as long as you need!