Winter Capsule Wardrobe (FREE download)


I’m really late getting to this.

Somewhere between Christmas, taking care of infant twins + my two preschoolers, and all that is life here and now, I thought I’d be able to get this post up this winter. Oh boy, was I wrong.

But here in New England, we have some winter left to shake out. Even April could (definitely) bring snow so raking through my wardrobe isn’t a bad idea this time of year. Especially since the twins are just over one-year-old now, which is how long it takes for my body to adjust back to normal from pregnancy. 


I’ve been purging through my closet seasonally for about 3 years now and finally I’m seeing some style results. Before those three years I couldn’t define my own style. I was a chameleon, shopping for myself as I would shop for whoever influenced my style last. I also grew up with the mindset that buying a shirt in the same color and style of something you already own was foolish, and maybe it still is for some. Bottom line, I was buying things that I didn't love and I was not wearing. But now I say, adopt a uniform and love it. 



For me, in this stage, having a uniform is a great tool to help keep my laundry down and my closet organized. Typically, I’ve been choosing black, white or blue tops paired with jeans or ponte-knit pants, like these Stevie pants from Old Navy. I buy them on sale and hem them myself, but they also offer petite sizes. Being comfortable at home while also able to jump in the car to pick up a child is important to me.


So, here’s my gift to you! My free one page winter capsule wardrobe planner! One copy with what I start my capsule with, and one completely blank for you to play with what’s in your closet.

Once you get your closet in it's tip top shape, join my new tag with #prettythingstoday so I can see how you’re using my printable!