Winter Kitchen Tour

As I'm slowly putting together a full house tour for Everyday Mamas, I thought it would be fun to document all of the raw details, as they come, here. So here is our kitchen tour, my favorite place to be!

My husband and I both cook. In fact, I can't remember the last time we went out to dinner as a family (see: 4 under 4) but I can't complain. Staying in, cooking in, and sharing some wine with my husband is more than enough, especially when we do it intentionally. Intention begins with how this kitchen functions for us, and function goes beyond a place to cook. Our kitchen is a gathering space, a place for quick snacks, and a place that needs to be easy to quickly tidy up.  

While I won't call this a capsule kitchen, I've scaled down our items and made a style-focus on the wood tones, shades of black + white, with a touch of terra cotta. I got rid of a lot of cluttered counters, concealing or donating kitchen items and tools that I don't use often. I still managed to keep a ravioli and pasta press so I do have extra items for inspiration and dreams which are important with creative cooking.

Here are the highlight pieces:

The 4 dollar kitchen table | from Goodwill

After searching the internets for the perfect breakfast nook table, I took my dad to Goodwill on a whim. I was actually looking for a round oak table that I saw the week before (also 4 dollars, and sitting in my garage currently). We found this solid wood table (complete with a leaf that stores under the table top) discounted down to 4 dollars. He measured it twice, measured the back seat of his car once and we drove both tables home. It was gritty, gummy and dirty, but with a good scrub down I restored it to worn-farmhouse-table-new. I dream of refinishing the top one day, but for now the wear on top feels cozy and I love how care-free it is to care for. 

Tips for buying a table from Goodwill: Bring a tool box (they should also have tools to help disassemble if you forget) and don't mind loose, wiggly table legs. If the table wiggles, do some inspection. Most of the time the tables are loose because they were disassembled and loosely put back together to sell. It will stand sturdy and straight once you tighten the leg screws at home. 

Industrial Shelves | from Wayfair

After going back and forth with plans for Ikea cabinets, I decided upon these heavy duty shelves (almost a full foot width, to place plates on if I wanted to!) I ordered one at a time and installed them separately, each time taking care to find studs and level out the shelves. They are beautiful, sturdy and functional (open storage!) as we continue to grow in this house. 

While buying on Wayfair, read the reviews. They usually have pictures of the actual item so you can see what it looks like virtually in-person.

Flat black hardware | from Amazon

The minute I walked into this kitchen, I started making demands and plans to, you know the story, paint the cabinets white. Because white makes everything better, right?

I do love white walls and bright white trim and a fresh paint of coat can make a room feel new. These are all true things. But these cabinets are rich in heart wood grains and sap wood grains and covering all of that natural beauty with a coat of white paint seems like a waste of time and money to me, now that I've fallen in love with what's here. 

The simplest and easiest way to upgrade a kitchen is changing out the hardware. I went back and forth between matte black and gold. I really wanted the gold to work, but the rustic wood tones were begging for some industrial black to balance the room. It made the light fixtures easy to decide on afterwards, keeping them flat black as well. Last, I hunted for some practical matte black accessories, bowls from H&M home and a travel-friendly french press, and the makeover was complete.

I began this winter with a goal in mind: to make this space ours. I didn't do a major kitchen renovation, but you can definitely see a difference from the kitchen we walked through a year ago and where we eat today. You can feel an even bigger difference in the way this place is home, which I couldn't photograph, but is a result of intentional functional design and organization. It doesn't have to be a major makeover to make it yours. 

I leave you with the befores + afters, XO!





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